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9 Nations is a open source turn based strategy game with a fantasy setting. Build and manage your own cities, and expand into other ventures, research technologies, and train units to explore new lands. Explore the world. But do not forget your home civilizans or your will lose their support and your cities will fall in chaos.
Select one of 9 nations (at the moment their is only one) and find your way between the fragile balance that existed between the ancient races. Prepare for a strategy adventure.

The Early version V0.2d includes

At the moment:

  • 57 researches
  • 29 different buildings
  • 16 different actions, like build, fight, trade, upgrade, ...
  • 12 Ressources
  • 9 Different units
  • 8 Terrains
  • 3 supported systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • 3 different maps
  • 1 tutorial
  • 1 campaign
  • 1 nation
  • and lot鈥檚 of work 馃檪


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Windows 32bit
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Old Windows V0.17
Old Mac V0.17
Old Linux V0.17
Old Android V0.17

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