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9 Nations

A turn based fantasy strategy game · By SvenTX


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Fight the fire (0.26)
Hello, As I told you the last update, there will be more frequent smaller updates and so I present you the next version. This update brings the first part of th...
Animate the magic (0.25)
Hello, Hadn’t written anything for a long time. It never got boring at work, which is why it is only now following. But now I have finished the earth element...
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Forge the Knowledge (0.24)
Hello, after a long summer break and some trubble of work the new version is finish :) This update brings items, a second tutorial for shadow, much rebalancing...
Translate the frontier (0.23)
Hello, this update bring some new game play features New overlay function, you can see your resource, the owner of buildings and more. New coat for towns and ki...
Fix the android
Hello, i updated the game to fix a bug. The game was freezed, if you started or loaded a new game. Also i publish a new first version of the android app and on...
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Move the recipt (0.22)
Hello, this update bring many genereal new features and more buildings for the earth element. New designed Dialog for building and training with tabs Sleep acti...
Fight the copper under the earth (0.21)
Hello, this update bring the beginning of the earth element. When you build a shrine, you can try to evolve to this new element. Tools and trading back, also fo...
Light the shadow (0.2)
Hey, due to a little more time, through Corona, i have found some time to finish the 0.2. The original idea was to develop 9 completely different nations. Becau...
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Last post
Aye 'sigh'. This game is the biggest disappointment I had for a little while. Graphic are classic, game expectation was...
started by Junk007 Jul 24, 2021
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hey, i just downloaded and tested out your game. here are a few ingame issues i'm having: - ressources. i always lack wo...
started by gabgab01 Aug 11, 2020
3 replies
I get a big picture of a crown, but then nothing. No text or anything. Do I need to press a button?
started by Stephen Smith Aug 03, 2019
1 reply
Can't launch without this error, then Kasperski starts telling me about registry keys and IExplorer.. I don't know what...
started by Jolanxbl May 13, 2019
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When I try to start the game, Itch cannot find anything to launch the game with.
started by Nexus Darkshade May 02, 2019
2 replies
Hi! Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't know how to start the actual game from the in-game menu. :D Could you help...
started by Sirre Jan 05, 2019
2 replies
If I were to write a mod for this game would you be OK with it?
started by Ghostwarrior215k Aug 29, 2018
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