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9 Nations

A turn based fantasy strategy game · By SvenTX


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Mod the snow (0.2e)
Hello, this update bring some old features back: Streets are back :) You can build walls and upgrade them with a tower or a gate. Winter feature with frozen wat...
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Windows & Feedback (0.15) is here
Hello, because on my work, this version takes a lot of time. The newst stuff are technical, like a new feedback window or windows general. It’s time to develo...
Winter & Mods (0.14)
Hello, In my holidays, I had time to test everything. The most important "feature" are fixed bugs. On the other hand i added an random event system, winter sett...
4 files
The rangers (V0.12) are here
Hello, after some time i finished the version 0.12 . The biggest features are the new nation the rangers. They like to live in the forrest and the most importan...
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It takes some time
Hello, There is currently a lot to do at work, which is why there is currently no new version. The biggest challenge is the new nation, which needs some interna...
V0.11 is online
Hello, this is a new small version. The biggest feature are achievements and to fix a major bug. What’s new? Highscore & 5 Achievement Optional: Gamejolt onli...
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